Sorry Not Sorry


Hello All:

Well, it’s been a few crazy weeks here at the House That Porn Built (or at least, the House That Porn Occasionally Helps Finance).

Starting off, I finally got my license renewed. The good news is that I only had to take half a day off work, pay thirteen bucks to remove the hold, drive to the DMV, retake the driver’s examination for the first time since I was seventeen, pay another thirty bucks for the privilege, and wait two weeks for the license to come in the mail.

But now I have it. Huzzah!

Two weeks ago I drove down home to get my taxes done. My uncle is a CPA and knows all the tricks. Remember friends. It’s not tax evasion. It’s tax avoidance.

While UI was home, I had lunch with my dad (he’s doing much better, and thanks for all the well wishes you’ve sent his way), visited my mom and her husband and two of my brother, and also took in a minor-league hockey game in Springfield.

Then I drove home, putting nearly six hundred miles on the Killer Pontiac in one day. Whew!

I got my tax refund back earlier this week, which allowed me to make a payment to my publisher for the website she helped build. (Here’s a link). If you ever feel like buying some of my books, I recommend you do it here, as the royalties are better than at Smashwords or Amazon. and share it with your friends! They won’t think you’re gross or pervy, honest!

The biggest news, however, and one of the reasons it has been so long since my latest update, has been some ongoing drama at work.

Right now my job is as a ‘team lead’ for a telecommunications company here in the Chicago area. Last winter, we had some major drama, with a lot of our middle management being let go. The manager of our team got the short haircut and we got a new manager, who is doing a great job.

Well, some of the employees who were brought in by the former manger weren’t exactly thrilled by the change. Since they were being forcibly re-introduced to concepts like ‘work’ and ‘accountability.’ And they didn’t see why they had to follow our procedures. After all, they had been managers at AT&T! It said so on their resume! Why should I have to do what Alana says? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

And so on. And on. And on.

Well, one of these ladies, let’s call her “Betty,” was already on thin ice due to the issues above. For months, her former team lead (not me) and her current team lead (me) had been documenting her problems, and trying to coach her to do a better job. We weren’t actively trying to ease her out the door. We were just preparing for what we knew was pretty much inevitable.

But when Betty started making physical threats against members of management, in the hearing of other people who didn’t much care for her attitude, well, it didn’t take long for the hammer to fall.

I’ve never been part of firing someone. And I’d rather not do it again. Though I know I’ll probably have to eventually. Still, it was absolutely no fun at all.

Anyway, Betty is gone, and good riddance. Bitch.

In other news, I have another book out, and a new collaboration with the Bad Girls of Erotica.  Here are books covers and links:

First, “Asian Infatuation.” A young adopted woman comes home from college and decides her younger brother is just the man to scratch her itches.

Asian Infatuation (003)

The link is here.

And also, “My Naughty Valentine.”

My Naughty Valentine

And another link.

That’s about all for now. Today is going to be spent doing some cleaning around the house, editing my latest book (“Taming the Royal Brat,” and trying not to go on an eating binge. February is DEFINITELY the wrong month to try to lose weight, but I only have five pounds to go!

Be well,