Happy Birthday to Me

Birthday Cake

Hooray! I’m closer to Death!


Hello All:

Well, life continues to throw things my way. The killer Pontiac has been tamed for the time being. All it took was two grand to get her back on the road again. No worries. We all know that telecom workers are just swimming in cash, right?

Yesterday I went to get my license renewed at the DMV. I wanted to go two weeks ago, but it was closed on Saturday due to an upcoming holiday on Monday (don’t ask). And then last Saturday I couldn’t go there, because of the aforementioned screw-up at the dealership.

But yesterday I got there! And it was open! Hooray! After half an hour in line, I got up to the desk, where I was told by the very nice lady that I couldn’t renew my license because there was a hold on it.

“What a hold?” I asked.

Oh, that’s just when you haven’t paid a ticket and the folks in Springfield make sure you can’t renew your license.

And when was this supposed unpaid ticket?

From 2015.

So i went home, dug through my old check registers, and yes, I have a record of paying the ticket in July of 2015. And my bank people supplied a copy of the check. So I have proof, proof I say!

So sometime this week I get to go to the DuPage County Courthouse and show them these records, in the hope that they will release the hold on the license so I can FINALLY get my license renewed.

In other news, my BFF took me out for sushi tonight, and we saw “The Last Jedi.” Not bad, but not as good as “Rogue One.”

Also, a last minute update. My latest book has been published! So if you’re in the mood for a good son who wants to make sure his mother has a perfect birthday, check out “Mom’s Birthday Surprise.”

Moms Birthday Surprise.jpg

Here’s a link

Have a great week,





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