Living on Money That I Ain’t Made Yet

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Hello All.

I know it’s been some time since we talked, but it’s been a bumpy ride lately.

Last week, I regaled you with the tale of The Killer Pontiac. Today I was supposed to have the catalytic converter, the left front ball joint, and other sundry problems taken care of. So I got up at Way Too Early and drove the car up to the dealership and dropped it off, confident that by this afternoon, I would have a car that wasn’t constantly  flashing me an orange “check engine” light.

The the dealership called.


Apparently the dealership, with the sort of planning and foresight which made Potiac the brand we know and love today (extinct) managed to order THE WRONG EFFING CATALYTIC CONVERTER. You would think that someone would have said, hey, you know this part we ordered? Maybe we should check and make sure it’s the right one to fix a 2007 Pontiac G6.

HAHAHA of COURSE they didn’t. So I now have to wait another three days while they order the right part. I MIGHT get my car back on Tuesday. I might not. Who knows?

Also, the University of Illinois basketball team lost another dick-punch of a game to Nebraska, then got absolutely schooled by Wisconsin. They are 0-7 in conference and are the laughing stock of the Big Ten (which has fourteen teams. Don’t ask.)

What else?

Oh, yeah. I had a birthday on Monday. So I’ve successfully completed another trip around the sun. Yay.

Also, my website is now LIVE and I’m able to sell books directly from the site, without going through Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes&Noble. That’s nice. In celebration of this fact, I’m running a sale until next Sunday. 25% off everything. here’s your link if you’re interested.

Tomorrow I’m going out with my best friend for a belated birthday celebration, which will include seeing the latest Star Wars movie and a trip to Beni Hana for sushi.

Lastly, the diet continues to drive me to unprecedented levels of fury. I would literally kill for bread, cheese, or bacon at this point. But on the good side, I only have thirteen pounds to go until I can resume my old eating habits. So, hooray?





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