One Book a Day

So, blogs are a lot harder than I thought.

It seems, in order to make a blog worthwhile, you should really blog. And not just read other blogs, or write porn, or sink into despair as the University of Illinois loses to Penn State. Again.

Sorry, Head Coach John Groce. You’re a nice guy, a Christian, and a leader. But you’re a shit basketball coach. Please accept this nice fruit basket and a severance package, and get the hell out of Champaign.

So…I just made a promise to myself.

One book a day.

From this day forward, I will blog about one book a day. It might be a book I have written. It might be a book I have just finished reading. But I promise you, Gentle Reader, one book a day.


One of mine.


“The Witch’s Daughter” is the first part of what came to be called “The Coven Chronicles.” It was inspired partly by a series of books by Tanya Huff, which centers around a family of women who are witches, and who range in personality from “extremely strong-willed” to “thoroughly unpleasant.”

The thing that I borrowed…wait. The thing that I stole from the series is its casual acceptance of incest within the family. The Gales have very few male children. When they do, they have extraordinary power, which makes them all but irresistible to the women in the family. The first book more or less starts with our female protagonist waking up in bed with her brother. Or is it her cousin? Whatever it was, it was hot as fuck.

So, yeah, I stole that idea. (pro-tip for aspiring writers: Don’t be afraid to steal good ideas. Shakespeare did it. I do it. So will you.)

In my series, we have a family of witches in Des Moines. Because that’s where a coven would hide, right? The women have power. But in order to properly channel that power, a gift from a long-ago forest-god ancestor, the women need to be bound to a man of power. And there just aren’t many of those left.

So they have waited for the only son of that generation, John Chamberlain, to come into his heritage, via a mechanism which I call “the Crossing.”

In this book, the first of four, John crosses, along with his twin sister. But an evil power has been stalking the Chamberlain family for generations. It would destroy them if it could. So what we have is not sexy taboo romp, but an introduction to a world of erotic danger, where one false step could drag an entire family down into darkness.

Not that you asked, but here is a link to “The Witch’s Daughter” on Smashwords.



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